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Grind Ventures is a Corporate Advisory and Private Equity Investment Firm that helps entrepreneurs and businesses build, scale and monetize Real Estate and Technology ventures. Check out our key sectors of interest below.

Affordable Housing

Ground up mixed-use residential development utilizing innovative technology.

Opportunity Zones

Real estate and business opportunities in Federal Opportunity Zones.

Who We Are

Grind Ventures is a real estate and technology advisory and investment firm. Our team has extensive corporate and real estate private equity experience with all types of investment, sale, merger, divestiture or asset, debt or equity transactions. We have a successful long-term track record in all stages of new ventures from the initial concept, capital raising, scaling, sale of business and post acquisition integration. This experience and expertise enables Grind Ventures to complete unique and complex transactions. We seek joint venture partnerships where our partners bring complimentary skills to the project.

What We Do

We offer a variety of services for both Entrepreneurs and established Companies.


Advisory Services

Full suites of services for all stages of the Company's life cycle.

New ventures are a grind. We know as we've been in your shoes before. Whether you're just at the idea stage or further along in your business, we're here to help. We love solving challenging problems. Through our guidance, we can help you save both time and money and ensure that you're on the best path for success.

Venture Studio

Venture Studio

Partner with us to build your next big idea.

Ideas are incredibly hard to get off the ground, especially for first time and non-technical Founders. We have experience building new ventures from an intial concept to the ultimate the exit of the venture. We have a proven track record of success.

Innovation Lab

Corporate Innovation Lab

Strategic business strategy, innovation and execution.

Innovation can be a tremendously challenging for established companies due to the focus on growing or protecting the core business in an increasingly competitive environment driven by technological advances. We understand these challenges. We have execution experience launching new products with Corporations and understand these challenges. We have a proven track record of success integrating new technologies into existing businesses resulting in incremental revenue streams and cost savings that drop through directly to the bottom line and increase enterprise value.

Grind Ventures

See if your values are aligned with us. If so, let's partner up!