New ventures are a grind. If your values are aligned with us, we can help.

Our Values

Grit, resourcefulness, innovation, number focus, and discipline are the values that drive all of our partnerships

At Grind, we approach every partnership with our values in mind. It’s important that we’re aligned with our partners in order for us to achieve success. Through our own experience and research, we’ve identified the secret sauce of success of successful ventures. If you’re committed to these, then we’re confident that we can help you.


New ventures are hard and it takes a great amount of passion and perseverance to succeed.

We seek to partner with entrepreneurs and businesses that understand the daily grind and have the courage and unwavering commitment to succeed.


The brutal fact is that most new ventures fail. Due to the risk profile of early stage ventures, there is often very limited resources available.

We like to work with scrappy entrepreneurs and businesses that understand this and are able to gain traction with innovative solutions and limited resources.


Innovation is at the heart of a every successful new venture. It all starts with that big idea and the best ideas are truly unique and disruptive.

We’re committed to partnerships that are focused on developing new and unique solutions in large markets.

Number Focus

Setting milestones and tracking key performance indicators is critical to the success of every venture.

We take a disciplined build, measure and learn approach in everything that we do. We seek to partner with entrepreneurs and businesses that understand that importance of numbers to achieve success.


To truly master a subject, it takes thousands of hours of commitment.

We seeks out partnerships with entrepreneurs and businesses that understand new ventures are not only a race, but also a marathon, requiring a disciplined approach to achieving success.