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Venture Studio Approach

Our Venture Studio helps entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. .

Our team has years of experience in all stages of the company lifecycle from brainstorming ideas, developing the concept, building a minimum viable product, establishing product market fit, scaling the business and ultimately selling the business. Partner with us today to help save you time and money getting your idea off the ground.

Venture Studio Overview

We have the flexbility to strcture a venture model that is a mutually beneficial to both the portfolio company and Grind Ventures.

After our initial discovery phase, we can establish a timeline and structure to get your idea up and running.

  • Fee based
  • Equity based
  • Combination of fees and equity
Venture program overview

The Venture Model

Selective process accepts exceptional startups & early stage or emerging small-mid sized companies.
Variables of the market, maturity, etc. are weighed to determine the best fit fee and/or revenue share model. Each partnership agreement and path is unique.
Partnership is formed.
Percentage share of equity ownership can be identified throughout the partnership process.
Discovery Phase: A fixed duration where an evaluation is conducted. Grind actively provides exemplary talent and strategy to enable company scaling and growth.
Re-evaluation post discovery research to determine adjustments to the venture model. Consider reducing or waiving fees for future equity.
Business continues to scale with Grind, exits or engages in an IPO.

Interested in a Venture Partnership?


We look for partnerships with mid-sized companies across various industries. We incubate, build and scale ventures with multiple forms of investment scenarios. Let us help you grow. See what we look for in a venture collaboration.



For parties interested in collaborating or directly investing with our venture fund, please email us directly at for further details and information. We look forward to connecting with you!